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The Sun and your sleep

Human beings have a minimum requirement of around 1000 lux in order to stimulate the pineal gland to start the secretion of melatonin (sleep hormone) also secrete serotonin and dopamine,

natural light gives us at noon between 10,000-150,000 lux between some seasons and others, the latter would be summer for example.

Another benefit is the production of white cells, lymphocytes and neutrophils, the cells that conform our organism first line of defense of our immune system, the one that fights respiratory deseases.

As crazy as it might sound, when we practice sunbathing even body fat dissolves, it also makes our cholesterol levels to lower preventing cardiovascular disease and other heart problems.

To summarize, we find it very valuable to be able share this information with you, and we hope you can understand and create a better relationship with your surroundings, to be grateful of being a part of the human experience and we invite you to treat your body like the secret temple that it really is.

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