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The Founder

Lucianna Valdez

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I am so passionate about the magical powers of the sun. Just like mama earth, we have distanced ourselves from it!

We’re taught to avoid our sun but it’s actually pure magic. We just gotta know how to take it. ;)


Let me tell you how it all started...


I struggled with skin issues for a while, specifically: when I’d go outside and just a little sun would hit my face, or sweat or a particular makeup, (even the sustainable kind), I would get a breakout (& not your regular pimples…) that would spread if I touched it… 

…And of course I’d touch it. Jaja :D 


I got used to saying “my skin is sensitive”…but deep down I knew it was coming from FIRST my gut (of course) but SECONDLY: that my facial products were not promoting lovership with the sun.


Deep down, I knew the sun was not our enemy. I just needed to learn how to properly dance with it… 


And so, holding this belief….through perfect law of attraction… castor jelly, seabuckthorn and golden jojoba oil found their way to me and I was intuitively drawn in. Initially for their healing properties, but then found out they were also sun-harmonizers!


I started to use these products and not only did they heal me, but I began to experience being in the sun in a COMPLETELY different way. mmmmm. 


Uplifted, flowy, relaxed, nurtured… I definitely had some days where I would be so touched by the drastic change that I would cry and love and gratitude would fill my heart. This is where the name of the oil came through, I felt glorious - full of sacred light - …like a SHRINE!


So, it got me curious…hmmm what’s up with the Sun?? this shits magic!!! 

I read and learned that sunbathing is not just tanning, it’s actually an ancient practice that Egyptians and Greeks would do to be stronger for battle as well as for preventive medicine.


Sunbathing has been used to treat tuberculosis, smallpox, heal war wounds and boost the immune system.

It’s the most natural medicine (and I also mean “natural” as in the most obvious thing :).


I learned the difference that time of day, location and weather make when you’re sunbathing, all of those can be taken into consideration (rather than just automatically blocking it out with toxic SPF all the time.)

(cuz fyi there is also in depth research about the side effects of sunscreen and their carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting side effects. 


So, yea I became a sun worshiper. Jajaja :)


…and I got curious too create something that I could share with others…because honestly - learning how to let the sunlove in completely changed my life.


And  SOLAR SHRINE was born! Wondrous healing nectar that actually works WITH the sun’s magic.


When I lather solar shrine to all parts of my body, it’s harmonizing my skin with the sun - not blocking my senses so I don’t feel. It’s absorbing the rays and transforming them into beautiful skin tone AND feeding my skin with nutrients.


Sooooo….that’s my story!


Welp actually there’s a little more.

A little extra stuff:


"Tell me bout those ingredients, girl."

-> Well, I use castor jelly because it’s amazing, just amazing, for healing scars, wounds, and acne overnight - either they will heal and disappear or it will accelerate the process.


-> I use seabuckthorn because it’s antibacterial, antioxidant, regenerative for the skin. At the beginning of my journey, I also took it orally to heal the gut. 


-> Golden jojoba oil! It’s the most similar oil to human sebum, so it absorbs the fastest.

-> Carrot oil, helps balance moisture, improves complexion in skin and is rich beta carotene and vitamins A and E.


-> Sustainable cold pressed Red Palm Oil, what can’t it do!, accelerates tan, generates collagen, moisturizing, antioxidant, rich in CoQ10, tocotrienols and more.


Just to name a few.



“So um why amber glass? …It's more expensive to ship, it can break, why don’t you just do plastic?"

-> Let me tell you why…first and foremost: MOTHER EARTH (!) Plastic can take over 1000 years to biodegrade, less than 10% of plastic gets recycled in the US, plastic leaches chemicals to whatever it’s holding and that grows exponentially if it’s in contact with high temperatures. We get to choose, ask, and fight for the changes we want to see, so, for me, a glass container means I am a part of the change I want to see in the world.


-> And amber glass, in particular, protects the ingredients in Solar Shrine to keep them non-toxic and healthy, so win-win. :P

(fyi I invite you to reuse your bottles as I chose them specifically to be repurposed.)



~ Solar Shrine was born from a passion for this Earth. ~


It’s not a shocker I love the outdoors - they have transformed me - I can’t imagine a world without these beautiful landscapes. The intelligence nature holds, the way the mycelium network passes information, how bees spread pollination, the nature of fire in forests and its benefits…I am no expert but once I walked through the beauty of giant sequoias, I just had to make changes at home. If I wanted to cherish the earth’s lands then why wasn’t I doing the same on my own? (aka my skins land people) So bye bye loofa hello cloth, bye bye toxic body wash, hello essential oils and castor oil…and SUN.


And the journey continues, small changes become big changes, struggles become easy and the path keeps on showing itself and I keep listening.


I am part of Earth, I am Earth.

Let’s create a ritual between skin and sun by Shrining. 

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